May 16, 2021

María Casado, new president of the Television Academy | TV

María Casado, new president of the Television Academy | TV

The journalist María Casado (Barcelona, ​​March 14, 1978) was elected this Tuesday president of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Television in a vote in which 45.46% of the census of the members of the institution and in the who has obtained 178 votes in favor. Married Has been imposed to the aspirants José Manuel Diego Carcedo and José Carbajo.

This is indicated in a statement published last night by the Television Academy, in which it is emphasized that Casado, currently in Spanish Television, is the first woman to preside over the institution, a position in which she succeeds Manuel Campo Vidal, which has been president for the past 12 years. His election, explains the note, is the result of the electoral process convened on September 9, 2018.

"Thanks! Now to work with a team full of illusions …", the journalist has said on Twitter, whose profile has been filled with congratulations from colleagues, including those from Campo Vidal, who has written: "Congratulations to María Casado, new president of the Academy, My acknowledgment to Pepe Carbajo and Diego Carcedo, three candidatures and 45% participation prove that the Academy is alive".

The Academy's note also includes some words from María Casado in which she thanked "the academics for the broad confidence they have placed" in her and in her team. "We have to promote a new stage of the Academy," adds the journalist, who congratulates "the high participation" and is committed "to lead this stage with and for all academics and to make together a symbolic institution of television that It is done in our languages. " "Very grateful and hopeful", summarized Casado, graduated in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She started working in 1999 in the news services of Ràdio 4 of Radio Nacional de España as an editor and in 2005 she joined the TVE News Services, where she presented the Newscast of the weekend, Weekly report, 59 seconds, The breakfast Y The morning of 1. She is the author of the book Tele Stories (Editorial Aguilar, 2017) prologued by Maira Gomez Kemp.

The new Board of Directors will be composed of a team of 23 professionals from different areas of television such as Fernando Navarrete, Beatriz Maesso, Pepe Quílez, María José Peláez, Rafael Galán, Joana Carrión, Pedro Olloqui, Juan Ramón Gonzalo, Valentin Carrera and Macarena Rey .

The new meeting is completed by Jesús Lozano, Pilar Socorro, Jacinto García Alonso, Pepa Sánchez Biezma, Tacho de la Calle, Pilar Vergara, Carlos Castel, Alexa Portillo, Paco Moreno, Rosa Díez Urrestarazu, Jota Abril, Tomás Molina and José David Suero.

The Electoral Board that has presided over the elections has been composed of Marisa Castelo (president), Juan Francisco Martín (vice president), Francisco Javier López Gil, Santiago Alonso and Marto Egido.

In March 2000, the first elections to the Board of Directors of the history of the Television Academy were held in which Ignacio Salas was elected president of the Academy. Salas governed the Institution until 2006. In 2006, the Board of Directors chaired by Ignacio Salas decided to hold elections and on September 28, Campo Vidal became the fourth president of the Academy.

The journalist renewed mandate in the following legislatures. During his mandate, the Television Academy recovered televised electoral debates among candidates for the Presidency of the Government, those held in 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2016 being public.


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