Marea is presented in the Canary Islands with new album: 'El azogue' – La Provincia

Marea is presented in the Canary Islands with new album: 'El azogue' - La Provincia

After eight years without recording new study material, Tide has opened 2019 with a new album with which he returns to the present and with which he intends to reaffirm himself as one of the reference bands in current rock in Castilian. With The quicksilver, the formation that leads Kutxi Romero returns to the road with an intense tour that will also bring her to the Islands, where in her previous appearances she has already signed successful concerts. In the hands of the New Event producer, his direct explosives will take place on November 1 and 2 in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, respectively.

Tickets for both appointments (25 euros and 30 track) will go on sale this Friday, starting at 12:00 hours, through, www and the Marypaz store network. For the appointment in Tenerife, in addition, tickets can also be purchased through the web

With the washed face is how the Tides are shown in The quicksilver, seventh studio album of the group that, within the framework of its more than two decades of trajectory, sees the light seven years after it concluded the tour of presentation of its previous work, In my hunger I command. An album with which, presenting by credential its nonnegotiable emotional effervescence, they will warm the scene again as only they know and will take to the seventh heaven its huge legion of followers.

And is that those of Berriozar, showing once again their innate respect for the songs and for rock in general, they return as they were: in timeless state of boiling after taking his time to ruminate.

So, in sum, it could not be other than the result gold. What is said to be the time. Pure gold shaped songs in this case. Of themes of many carats, with Kutxi riding on trotting, he now gallops over the lively musical back, with his personal pinching and passionate knife poetically sharpened on a body especially guitar, erected on a rocky rhythmic base for the rest.


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