Marcos Luengo puts passion and emotion in what he does

The key to the success of Marcos Luengo is the passion and emotion that leads to his work and that shows in his clothes, as seen in the parade this Saturday, where he has shown a coherent speech with which Spanish fashion always He wins.

“Emotion is what sells,” said designer Marcos Luengo, who says that when others are planning to retire he enjoys what he does, he lives “intensely” and it shows in the result of his work.

Passion and delivery are the weapons used by Marcos Luengo every day to create his collections that usually accompanies a coherent and personal discourse. “My work would not make sense without my clients,” says the designer who has dressed Queen Letizia and also Begoña Gomez, wife of the President of the Government.

On this occasion, his new work begins with the search for “sensitivity and chromatism” of the abstract painting by Kike Garcinuño, a work that prints silky envelopes and velvets that become the thread of the collection.

Marcos Luengo is not interested in rabid fashion, he prefers the quality of fabrics and artisan techniques. “In Spain we have everything to do luxury,” says this Spaniard who chests on the talent he discovers with the workshops he works with.

With a beautiful “tartan” print, wool felt, houndstooth and mohair, Luengo has developed winter pieces reminiscent of typical English Amazons.

Large volumes have been seen on the catwalk in the sleeves and patterns reminiscent of Cristóbal Balenciaga, a timeless style that transcends trends. “I like clothes that have an identity, that are distinguished,” the designer has explained this Saturday to Efe.

The volume of the sleeves and shoulders is reduced by wrapping the waist with pony skin bras and corsets created with whales and belts with large lined buckles.

His curiosity and desire to improve, has led him to present, for the first time, tailoring, jacket suits with straight pants of male cut, pieces that have been seen next to impeccable coats.

Blouses with lacing at the neck, wide wrap skirts and ankle-tight pants with rubber bands complete the proposals for the day. The designer also works the nightwear with volumes colored in black and blue klein.

The most spectacular: a black nylon coated linen trench coat, along with a wool crepe wedding dress with gazar sleeves.

Courrèges type hats, made by Sevillian Nana Golmar, together with large-handled bags and ergonomically designed shoes are the key complements of this collection, in which “the feminine and flattering side is the hallmark of the house.”

His career is already more than consolidated in Spain, he has a store in Madrid and Asturias and his name already sounds strong internationally.

In fact, Marcos Luengo, is the most desired designer of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, “the one that generates more interest”, according to the analysis of Launchmetrics data that studies the visibility of the catwalk, as well as the interest generated by the event and its designers.

The order and perfection of Marcos Then gave way to the “Chaos” of Ulises Mérida, a collection of simple garments “placed without a rigorous order,” said the designer, who acknowledges that it is his most “crazy” work.

On the catwalk they have highlighted quilted garments with knitted dresses and party jackets that put sanity in the “Chaos” of this designer who has shown some original bracelets made with the famous La Cartuja crockery of Seville.

Carmen Martin


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