Marcos Llorente, an athlete among footballers

"Llorente, Llorente" was the improbable shout that was heard at Anfield at the end of the game that closed the tie between Liverpool and Atlético de Madrid. Marcos Llorente had just changed the fate of his team with two shots from outside the box and also yours.

The midfielder it was Simeone's endeavor for many years, since he showed that he was a top footballer in Alavés. He was ahead of Rodri in Cholo's preferences, although the now City footballer arrived earlier and it was his departure that allowed Marcos to reach Atlético.

However, he has had a hard time making a place for himself on the team. In the Champions League he did not debut until the fifth day, in the Metropolitan against the Lokomotiv in Moscow. And in League did not complete a match until day 22, at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid.

But Marcos has never lost faith. He is a strict man, at work and in food, something inherited from his father. Paco Llorente was called "El Lechuga" when he played for Real Madrid for his diet based on vegetables. Marcos is a follower of the paleodiet. Only eat organic products, but no dairy or wheat or processed. Only foods that were available in the Paleolithic. Nothing that could not be consumed before the Neolithic.

While playing in Alavés it was his father who filled his pantry with organic food on his trips from Madrid. There he coincided with Ibai Gómez. Together they are partners in the Naked & Salted health food restaurant. There the hummus is a classic, just like the quinoa-based pizzas.

The Atlético midfielder used to post exercise charts on his social networks, which explains the abs he looks when he takes off his shirt. But to the exercise he accompanies it with a measured rest, nine hours of sleep in a "smart" bed that discards electromagnetic radiation and rejuvenates, diminishing the effect of biological age.

Llorente takes care of his diet and rest and strives to gain the trust of Simeone. He still has a hard time giving him command of the team ahead of the defense. He prefers to take advantage of his privileged physical condition to defend in a band or to get up and look for the auction, as he did in Liverpool.

With the team cornered in his area, Cholo saw in Llorente's legs an exit to the opposite area, where only Joao Félix arrived. From the bench he encouraged him to drive the ball to the opposite area. What surprised everyone was his shot from outside the box. Everyone except their coach. «Llorente entered to give a little more strength and legs because Diego [Costa] I had already given everything, ”explained Cholo after the game. «For some Llorente's change was defensive, but I invite you to see the training sessions, where you usually do what you have done today »he added. Although it is difficult to see how Llorente handles in training, closed to the public and the press by the Atletico coach. «It has a great hit and above all, it has a great three-quarter step forward finding spaces, "explains Simeone.

The midfielder, who wears the number "14" on his shirt, the same one that Cholo wore when he played, is now experiencing his best moment of the season. All four complete games he has played this season have come in the last six league games. and Liverpool's two goals serve to claim the prominence that was lacking in the team. Simeone rewards work, you just have to be patient to adapt.


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