Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Marchena postpones the confrontation between Pérez de los Cobos and Ferran López

Marchena aplaza la decisión sobre el careo entre Pérez de los Cobos y Ferran López

The president of the Supreme Court Chamber who judges the cause of the you procés, Manuel Marchena, has informed the parties that the court has decided postpone the decision about him face what the lawyer has requested Xavier Melero between the Colonel of the Civil Guard, Diego Pérez de los Cobos, and the former head of the Mossos d'Esquadra, Ferran López.

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Marchena, before the request of Melero, has assured that the court has taken the decision unanimously and considering the character of "exceptionality" that this measure supposes. In this way, he has postponed the decision to consider it "premature" in the current phase of the hearing and in the absence of all the evidence. The court is waiting to "examine all the probative material" and once verified, will make a final decision. If it occurred, it would take place after all the witnesses intervened and all the documentary evidence was presented.

The room considers that we must postpone the decision at a later time when we are in a position to see all the probative material "

Before the lunch break, Melero had asked for said confrontation in the face of contradictions in the testimonies of Pérez de los Cobos, head of the police operation against the 1-O, and López, number two of Major Josep Lluís Trapero during those events.

Melero's request comes after Lopez assured in his statement that the operation of the Mossos d'Esquadra for October 1 was agreed and organized by the main commands of the other two police forces, and all of them coordinated by Pérez de los Cobos According to Lopez, it was decided jointly to send a binomial of two agents to each voting center to close them in compliance with the order of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia.

Image captured of the institutional signal of the Supreme Court, by Xavier Melero, lawyer of Joaquim Forn

Image captured of the institutional signal of the Supreme Court, by Xavier Melero, lawyer of Joaquim Forn

The established plan is that if those binomials could not fulfill the mandate due to lack of preparation and material, the Mossos would require assistance to the National Police and Civil Guard to intervene. But the reality is that early in the morning of that 1-O, agents of the state security forces went to the schools without notice. According to López, he requested explanations from Pérez de los Cobos for failing to comply with the agreement, but he did not respond again and in fact suspended all the coordination meetings he had planned for that day.

To questions of the lawyer of Forn, Lopez has explained that after that day never it has returned to speak with Perez de los Cobos of that subject, although they had to maintain contact because after the application of the article 155 Lopez was named head of the Mossos replacing Josep Lluís Trapero.

"There is a tacit agreement of relations with the Ministry of the Interior, which is that what happened on 1-O is encapsulated and left to judicial instances and does not tarnish normal relations. We decided to encapsulate them and leave it by jurisdictional means. I only make an exception, before going to declare to the National Court. After listening to the version offered by Pérez de los Cobos, I am interested in talking with Secretary of State José Antonio Nieto and then with Pérez de los Cobos, I explain the content of my statement. I want to explain why that day I am going to declare under oath something that was contradictory to theirs. I do not ask for explanations, there is no debate, each one explains his reality. Mine is this, "López explained.

Pérez de los Cobos has denied the Mossos version. Both in the investigation phase and in his testimony as a witness in the trial, he assured that he did not know the plan of action of the regional police force, that he did not know the idea of ​​placing a binomial of agents and that this plan was a "scam" to allow the vote of 1-O.

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