January 15, 2021

March 8: International Women's Day

March 8: International Women's Day

If you want, you can. Although in functions, Spain has the Government with more women in its history. There are seven men and 11 women, do you know them all and do you know what portfolios they occupy?

The directors of information of the main national media are still the majority against the directors. Two women arrived in 2018 at the height of journalism. Can you tell who they are?

The management team of the CEOE is made up of 19 people. Last year there was only one woman in the direction, in 2019 the percentage has improved, but they can still count on the fingers of one hand. Guess how many there are.

Affiliates are around 40% and, as established by the statutes of the main Spanish unions, their executive committees are parity. Or almost. When the number is odd, there is always one more man. Do you face any?

The governing bodies that govern the 50 public universities are still few, but almost double the previous year. Guess how many are missing to reach half of the total.

There are more and more women in the festival posters. It was not difficult to improve, until recently the number of female artists in many programs was zero. In 2018 some still had that number of women among their headliners, guess what?

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