Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Marcelo Odebrecht goes on to serve his sentence for corruption in semi-open regime

Marcelo Odebrecht, former president of the Odebrecht group, involved in a corruption scandal of international dimension, started this Thursday to serve his sentence for corruption in semi-open regime, after staying in house prison since December 2017.

The businessman, convicted of corruption uncovered in the state oil company Petrobras and who later decided to collaborate with the authorities to confess the crimes practiced in Brazil and other countries, may leave during the day of his home and be obliged to return to it at night .

One of the first things that the heir of the giant Odebrecht did was to visit the company's headquarters in Sao Paulo, the city where he served the house prison in his mansion of 3,000 square meters.

According to company sources told Efe, Marcelo Odebrecht spent about an hour and a half at the company's headquarters, greeted some workers and "hugged some friends."

"Some people celebrated his visit and said: Welcome back," said the sources, who did not confirm whether Marcelo Odebrecht will make a new visit in the next few days.

In December 2017, the former president of Odebrecht obtained the house arrest regime after spending only two and a half years behind bars, in a cell at the headquarters of the Federal Police of the city of Curitiba, in southern Brazil.

Now it will be two and a half years in semi-open regime and then it will go to the open regime, in which you will only have to be at home at weekends.

Marcelo Odebrecht was arrested in June 2015, within the framework of Operation Lava Jato, which has been investigating for more than five years the millionaire diversions of funds in Petrobras and that has taken dozens of businessmen and politicians to prison, including the former president Brazilian Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, imprisoned since April 2018.

In 2016, he was sentenced to 19 years and 4 months for corruption, money laundering and illicit association, and at the end of that same year, he and 76 other former executives of the company signed a collaboration agreement with the Brazilian authorities.

In their testimonies, they confessed the corrupt practices they carried out in Brazil and in another dozen countries in Latin America and Africa, and promised not to repeat them.

Thanks to that agreement, Marcelo Odebrecht, who was later sentenced to more years in prison in other proceedings, and the other former executives involved in the plot obtained benefits in their criminal proceedings.

Currently, the Odebrecht group is in the midst of a transformation plan and this year it went to bankruptcy law to restructure its millionaire debt, while continuing to collaborate with the authorities of other countries in which it also acted illegally.

Odebrecht has signed agreements with authorities in eight countries: Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala, in which it has recognized the illegal practices committed, has provided evidence of them and paid millionaire fines.

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