Marcelo could not play the second leg against Chelsea when he was summoned at a polling station

An image of Marcelo in the first leg against Chelsea.

An image of Marcelo in the first leg against Chelsea.

Marcelo, Brazilian side of the Real Madrid, did not appeal a subpoena for elections to the Madrid Assembly to be held on May 4, one day before the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League in London before him Chelsea, and the club studies a solution to free their player from going to the polling station.

The draw for the polling station was held on April 5 and, according to El Mundo, Marcelo had seven days "to allege justified and documented cause" that prevents him from accepting the president or member in the elections. Once that week has passed, the Electoral Board "resolves within five days."

Real Madrid encountered the situation before playing the semi-final match against Chelsea and, as reported to Efe from the club, the legal department is studying all the possibilities that allow political, health and sports laws for the appeal presented to prosper.

If they do not prosper, Marcelo will not be able to be part of the expedition that will travel to London on the eve of the match and would have to join the Real Madrid concentration on the same day of the match at Stamford Bridge, in which they play a place in the final. For now the supporting documents presented by the club and the player have been rejected.

The Electoral Board argues that Marcelo could fly to London on the day of the match, a situation that the club understands is too complex not only for sports, when missing a training session, but also because of the protocols to be followed by covid-19. Another player who usually trains with the first team and has had minutes in the plague of defensive losses, the youth squad Víctor Chust, has also been called to a polling station.


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