Marcelo, accused of driving without points and exceeding the speed limit

The Real Madrid defender was driving 134 kilometers in an area of ​​129

They are not good times for Marcelo, who does not know if he will be the starter in the two decisive games of Real Madrid against Manchester City and Barcelona and that, according to El Mundo, has been cited as investigated by a court of Alcobendas by driving 134 kilometers per hour on a highway of 120 and, in addition, with the aggravating fact that I could not drive because I did not have the points of the card.

The soccer player will show his conformity with the Físcalía.

Marcelo has training today and tomorrow with Real Madrid because on Wednesday he will be summoned by Zidane for the match against Manchester City. It is not so clear that he is going to play, because right now it seems that Frenchman Mendy is the starting side of the team against the Brazilian. Marcelo is more irregular than usual and that weighs on a team that needs safety back to win the matches.

Sometimes, the stands point to Marcelo as the culprit of all evils for his fragile defense, although he is not always the most guilty. Against Levante, the left side was not the worst of the team, on the contrary, it was one of the best in the team, with depth and danger, which is what Zidane demands.

The technician will not reveal his plans for the fundamental meetings of this week. But he wants all his players to be focused on the goal: after losing five points in the last two LaLiga games, Real Madrid needs to regain morale and during this week almost all the options of the season are played. He knows that a good result against Manchester City of Guardiola and another against Messi’s Barcelona on Sunday would give him a moral boost for the remainder of the course.


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