July 27, 2021

Marcelino staggers and Valencia shudders | sports

Marcelino staggers and Valencia shudders | sports

On the shoulders of Marcelino rests the whole weight of Valencia. The project of the fifth season of Peter Lim at the head of the club, raised to necessarily overcome the group stage of the Champions League and repeat qualification for the same competition next year, hangs by a thread and the management of the Asturian coach as demiurge and total manager. The bat team plays this Wednesday (18.55, Movistar Champions League) their first final of the season against Young Boys in Mestalla. So dramatic.

As general manager, Marcelino has designed the template and has surrounded it with a security cord consisting of professionals of his complete trust. If the coach trembles, the club also shudders. And it happens that now Marcelino conveys the feeling that he is blocked … and his doubts affect and take root in the whole structure.

His idyll with the stands begins to run out. Untouchable for the amateur until a few dates ago to recover the club's DNA and return it to the European first line, Marcelino listened to the first whistles and lived his first show on Saturday against Girona (0-1). "I'm just as strong. The fans gave me their support and now they can doubt. It's a challenge for me to make him believe in his team again, "says the Spaniard. The club, meanwhile, closes ranks around its coach. Without it, the whole framework that Marcellin had worked with all the power that Lim gave him would collapse. "I only perceive support and total confidence in our work because of our involvement and absolute enthusiasm. The club puts 17 months of work to two months, "he adds.

On Saturday against a minor Girona, pregnant with casualties, Valencia fell defeated for the first time this season at Mestalla, where they still do not know what it is to win at LaLiga. Marcelino, agitated and impotent from the band, disordered the team from minute 73, accumulating attackers in a desperate charge where, for the first time, it showed signs of exhaustion. Rodrigo, Santi Mina, Gameiro, Batshuayi and the young Ferran Torres crowded to the top. They coincided with Guedes, who was fused and needed the change. Marcelino, however, withdrew Carlos Soler, the only player with criteria to direct the offensive wave. The technician is still reluctant to give the keys of the team to the young canterano.

The combinations

The Valencia, who paradoxically behind receives less goals than the last course at this stage of the league and has fewer defeats, above is stuck and fails opportunities of all colors. After 11 games, it is in historical negative numbers: the seven goals scored are the worst record of the 20 Primera teams and represent the worst historical offensive record of the club at the beginning of the championship. The current pack of strikers has four goals in three competitions while last year Simone Zaza, who missed part of the fans, had nine goals at this point, while Rodrigo I had done seven and Santi Mina, four. The data is not flattering either in terms of wins: it has only won one game, something unheard of since the 57-58 course.

Evil expands to the Champions. After losing to Juventus at the Mestalla and tying at Old Trafford against Manchester United, Marcelino's block matched in Bern with the modest Young Boys in a dreadful second half in which they brushed the European catastrophe. His classification for eighths hangs over the void. He has to overcome today the visit of the Young Boys with a forced victory and wait for Juventus to get rid of United to play the access to the next round in a one-on-one with the red devils of Mou on the last day. There are other combinations to qualify but everything happens obligatorily to defeat the Swiss and, incidentally, guarantee, just in case, the consolation of playing the Europa League.

Victory is essential in the sports and economic areas. The prize for the competitors that pass to eighths is 9.5 million euros, a trophy that Valencia needs to conquer. With the amounts distributed by the Champions for victory or draw, the team has entered 1.8 million of the 8.1 that were in play in the first three days. Its economy needs the injection of the Champions to resist. Without that vital support you will be forced to sell players this summer.

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