May 27, 2020

Marc Márquez's confidences to his brother Álex after being world champion

After returning from Thailand with the MotoGP title in the suitcase, Estrella Galicia 0'0 has brought together the Márquez brothers and a video that tells some secrets of the victory in Buriram and the subsequent celebration. Marc acknowledges that he forgot his passport on the plane and also that he didn't know anything about what the celebration was going to be. He was prepared by all the members of his team with his designer, but he had no idea what it was.

Alex only knew that the theme would be billiards and the black ball number. They asked him how Marc was given the cue and thought he would be able to put a ball, as it happened.

Both brothers have imagined what will happen if they are ever rivals on track at MotoGP. "At that time everyone will have their problems in their box and we will fight. I have hard elbows," says Marc, to which Alex responds: "I know, some of you have already nailed me."

Marc acknowledges that his mother scolded him for the two falls and the final overtaking to Quartararo. "He told me that those three things were left over, but of course if I don't do all that, why am I going?" Joked the world champion.

Now the pressure falls on Alex You have the opportunity to win the title in Moto2. "Everyone says it's my turn now, so it will be tried and see what happens."

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