Marc Márquez, the Messi of motorcycling | sports

Marc Márquez, the Messi of motorcycling | sports

How easy it is to get rid of praise when you admire someone who just got a great success like that of Marc Márquez. Maybe it is also for someone indifferent to the sport that, before a feat like yours, realize that this boy is a prodigy. Equally easy is to criticize that person from the envy or absurd animosity of the most staunch fan of the greatest rival.

It is impossible to like everyone and even more so when you are a superclass like Marc. A few years ago I had the feeling that I would be able to have the unconditional favor of all the fans, but of course, the incident with Rossi had not yet happened. I do not believe in destiny, but I am convinced that sooner or later it had to happen. A king only gives his scepter to a prince when he is about to leave and Rossi did not want to leave yet, so the clash between the two had to come sooner or later, and ended up being sooner rather than later.

It was inevitable that comparisons or allusions to one or the other would become almost mandatory after each new milestone. And it will always be that way, luckily or unfortunately, whether it is just or unjust, whether they like it or dislike it. Each title that Marc gets will be followed by a lot of articles, comments and opinions that will talk about whether he will be able to overcome Valentino's number of wins or not … until he gets over it.

Marc has, just as Valentino has always had, that hunger for victory, that ambition to always win in whatever it is that only the numbers one possess. Is a killer; has that instinct, that winning character that makes you stay a step above. And that, along with his immense talent, becomes a lethal weapon for his rivals. With these qualities and his youth (let's not forget that he is only 25 years old), not only can he match all nine of Rossi's titles, it is that I am convinced he will surpass them. And he will do it with that eternal smile and that charisma that has captivated us all.

There are great pilots, but only a few seem touched by a divine hand that makes them authentic out of series. They are not now that they win, they were young and, when they reach the top, their success is nothing but an old promise made true.

Marc Márquez is to MotoGP what Leo Messi to football or Toni Bou to trial. Whether we are the rival of our idol or not, we should take advantage of having coincided in time with them to sit on the sofa or in the stands and enjoy the enormous spectacle they generate with their magic, so with your permission I will get comfortable because we have left entertainment for a while.

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