Marc Márquez: "I do not want to be aware of what this means" | sports

Marc Márquez: "I do not want to be aware of what this means" | sports

Undoubtedly, the most peculiar greeting that Marc Márquez received this Sunday was that of Scott Redding, pilot of Aprilia, with whom he starred for years baby podium. This was labeled that photograph in which both were seen in the first and third positions of the drawer. They were 15 years old. And beat in Donington Park two records of precocity that are still valid today: the British was the youngest driver to win a race, the seven times champion of the world was the youngest Spaniard to get on the podium. "There was a time when we were rivals, great rivals, now it does not unite us more than respect and fun. Sorry for that dislocated shoulder, "finished the Englishman, who was one of the first people to congratulate him when they were both still on the track.

As soon as he finished the race, Redding approached his colleague, who had just stopped at a bend to receive hugs from his uncle and his people. Also that of Redding. "When he left, I felt something strange. I had removed my shoulder from the site with a bad gesture. Less more than there next to me had my guardian angels, who put it back to me, "said the 93, when he realized he got off the bike and lay on the floor, face up. It was seen how his brother Alex and his friend Jose opened the monkey and they gave him a hand. "They have experience, they have done it a lot of times", explained Márquez shortly after, laughing. Because this Sunday was not the first time that the pilot of Cervera left the left shoulder of the site. "When one loses the account … I did not want to tell so as not to give clues to the rivals, but the truth is that I have reached a race because in training I have dislocated my shoulder several times. It has been, without doubt, my weak point this year, "he confessed. He will go through the operating room this winter, as before his brother, a Moto2 driver, who suffered the same ailment, did it too.

That little physical problem was the only setback that the champion had to face this year. "Last year was much more stressful. The pressure was greater. " In fact, he gained such an ample advantage and so early in the classification, that it bothered him: "I do not like that feeling that you're going to win. I work better with pressure, it helps me to be more focused. Therefore, I had to find an extra motivation. When I saw that I had the first opportunity to win the title in Japan, I said to myself: 'I have to take advantage of that first match ball'. Also thought it the president of Honda Racing Corporation, Takahiro Hachigo, present in Motegi, that craved that the title could be achieved already in Japan. "After training this morning he came up to me and said: 'You have to do it.' And I answered: 'Ok', he resolved, seriously, to arouse a general laugh among the journalists who listened to his war stories.

This is how Márquez has always worked, that in the last nine years, since he was 125cc champion in 2010, he has won seven championships, he was runner-up in Moto2 in 2011 and third in MotoGP in 2015. He has changed little, although he confesses "more mature" ", What this course has allowed him to manage careers in a different way. "All the races that I finished, except Argentina and Italy, I did on the podium. I want to maintain that commitment. In 2015 I learned how important constancy is to winning, "he says. That change is what makes him most proud of his triumph. Well, he likes to live in the present. "I am aware of how difficult it is what I am doing, but I do not want to be already what it means," he warned. He never imagined that he would win so much. "I'm living a dream, getting to MotoGP and winning five titles of six is ​​something unthinkable that does not enter my head."

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