Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Marc Márquez confesses that "he would not let his brother win"

Marc Márquez He didn't want to miss his date with Pablo Motos to celebrate his eighth victory in the world from
Moto GP
. The Catalan rider decided to take his official motorcycle of the year 2018 to the set of
The Anthill
to take stock of the season. About his brother Aleix said he wouldn't let him win in the race, although it would be less difficult.

The night began before the motorcycle last season, since the one that 2019 was not yet in Thailand, where the last Grand Prix was held. Next to his machine, Cervera said that the maximum speed he had achieved was 354 km / h, something that surprised the interviewer and the ants.

'El Hormiguero': Marc Márquez recalled his spectacular fall in Thailand's GP training

After six championships of Moto GP, Márquez still keeps his concentration to the maximum before a race as if it were the first. “When I'm on track, I enter a concentration mode that there is nothing else”, he explained to the Valencian presenter when asked if he continues to get nervous.

What Marc has achieved over the years has been controlling his temper and being advised by his family and team. “I am of hot blood and strong temperament. My environment controls me. Before I did not let myself control and now I leave ”, he said to explain that he now runs fewer risks, although acknowledging that he always wants to win.

'El Hormiguero': Marc Márquez continues to concentrate to the maximum before the races

Although he won it, the test of Moto GP in Thailand he could have come out very much before the guest of The Anthill. He suffered a spectacular fall that made him fly through the air and withstand up to 26 G of force. Although it is not the blows that hurts the most. "What makes me more angry is that it was not recorded well," he joked.

About a future match in Moto GP With his brother as a rival, Marc Márquez made it clear that he does not intend to make it easier, but that "he would treat him with more affection." Although the facilities would end there, because the champion ensures that "I would not let him win but overtaking my brother would not be the same as any other person".

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