March 8, 2021

Marat Safin: “The coronavirus was prepared to put microchips with the vaccines” – La Provincia

The Russian ex-tennis player Marat Safin, number one in the world between 2000 and 2001, has ensured that the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic was “prepared” by powerful men to be able to install microchips in humans through “vaccines”, and has warned that we are entering in “a new world order”.

“I think the microchips will no longer be in the phones, but in implants through vaccines. Everything is on the internet, I am not saying anything new,” he said in an interview on the Russian website through Instagram. “It is a prepared situation,” he added.

Thus, he considered that the final objective is “the implantation of chips.” “Everything was prepared. In 2015, Bill Gates said that we would have an epidemic, then a pandemic, that our next enemy was a virus, not a nuclear war. Then they carried out a simulation in the Davos Forum two weeks before the virus was known to the world. They showed how all this would go. I don’t think Bill Gates is a fortune teller, he just knew it, and everyone was getting ready, “he said.

“5G is not good”

“Why does 5G start? Then nanochips will be introduced. Look at what’s going on around us. People are panicking, as they should be,” he said. “5G is not good for human health. If they put it in all the cities, it can harm us, “he continued.

The Russian, who led the ATP ranking for nine weeks between the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, he is currently in Moscow after leaving Spain after declaring a state of alarm. “I was in Spain, but on March 16 – I decided to move here. The state of alarm was imposed, it was already impossible; I was there for a week and decided that I should go,” he explained.

Regarding his conspiracy theory, Safin assured that there are “stronger men” than Putin, Merkel and Trump, who are “the owners of the money, the owners of the world” and those who are directing this situation. “Why should they be famous? They don’t have advertising. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the ones in sight, but there are those who support them. You can call them whatever you want: Freemasons, Illuminati, whatever. All this is known. The Club of 300, the Club of Rome, “he stressed.

The Moscow tennis player believes that we will now live “differently.” “It is the new world order. I think many have heard this, you can read books about it: Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski … Everything is described there,” he said. “We’re already being watched. You’re going to Youtube and immediately, he recommends you things to see, in Netflix the same. Everything is personalized and you think you choose, “he continued.

Also, “unlikely” to avoid it. “You will not be able to fly anywhere, you will not get a visa, you cannot insure yourself. They will be able to block money. By the way, in New York the cash has already been canceled, in stores you can only pay with a card. There will be virtual money, “he concluded.


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