Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Maragall asks Colau to specify his proposals and flee from the "electoral pirouettes"

Maragall pide a Colau que precise sus propuestas y huya de las “piruetas electorales”

The candidate for mayor of Barcelona by ERC, Ernest Maragall, has asked the mayor of the city, Ada Colau, to flee from "electoral pirouettes" and to specify what their proposals are before talking about hypothetical pacts between commons and republicans.

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"It is not with electoral pirouettes that we will advance (...) If we want to see the differences and the proximities we have to know where each one is. Mrs. Colau has to explain, after four years of experience and unfortunate management in so many areas, she has to explain what she is seeing now and what commitments she takes ", she pointed out.

In statements to journalists during the celebration of the Tres Tombs in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Andreu, where Colau has also been, Maragall has insisted that "the natural pacts" of the commons are with left formations, which leads to "Talk preferably with ERC and the PSC".

However, Maragall has replied to Colau that "today the differences are explicit" between both groups, for what he has stated: "There is still a long way to go in these months".

In this sense, the candidate of ERC has called for the approach also in relation to the "country project", where he has argued that gestures are not enough, as the institutional declaration announced by Colau to reject the situation of sovereignist leaders in preventive prison.

"It is good that we make a motion and that there is a clear and explicit position of the City Council in this regard, but we have to decide how we work together and face the underlying issue, which is a situation of terrible injustice," he added.

Maragall has outlined that it would be convenient to have a joint strategy to work towards a "binding referendum" and to "explain to the world that in Catalonia democracy and freedom are in question".

Ruben Wagensberg could go on the Barcelona charts

The independent deputy Ruben Wagensberg, who attended the Republican Esquerra in the elections of 21-D, could leave his seat in the Parliament for a position on the Maragall list for Barcelona. Catalunya Ràdio reported this on Saturday and party sources point out that Wagensberg is close to Maragall and will work with him in the campaign, but that there is nothing closed about the lists yet, although it would be logical.

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