February 24, 2021

Maradona’s doctor: “I did the best I could”

Police officers after a search at Diego Armando Maradona's doctor's clinic.

Police officers after a search at Diego Armando Maradona’s doctor’s clinic.

Leopoldo Luque, doctor of Diego Armando Maradona and whose office and house were searched this Sunday, he assured that did “the best” that he could for the former footballer, but he clarified that he was not responsible for his health and that ‘the Ten’ decided for himself.

“I am absolutely sure that I did the best with Diego, the best that could be“said the doctor at a press conference after the searches at his home on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires and his office in the capital.

Luque, who announced that he could appear voluntarily before the Justice to give a statement if he is not summoned before, clarified that he was not the former footballer’s family doctor but a neurosurgeon who was his “friend”.

Maradona, who suffered from Alcohol addiction, was admitted to a clinic in La Plata on November 2 due to anemia and dehydration and a day later to a healer in Olivos, where shortly after arriving he was operated on for a subdural hematoma on the head.

On the 11th he received the medical discharge and moved to a house in a private neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where he died last Wednesday of cardiac arrest.

If I am responsible for Diego for something, it was to love him, to take care of him, to extend his life and improve it until the last. I am responsible for that. I did the impossible for that, “Luque said through tears.

Like a son with a “rebellious” father

According to Luque, Maradona “hated doctors”But with him it was “different” because he was his “friend” and he made “suggestions” that Maradona “accepted or did not accept” and contacted various medical specialists.

He said that the relationship, more than that of doctor with patient, was “like that of a son with a rebellious father“Well, the ex-footballer had autonomy and decided for himself.

He explained that to intern Maradona in a psychiatric hospital or subject him to rehabilitation without his consent, a judicial procedure was required that could only have been done if it established with “medical and psychiatric criteria” that he was “insane.”

Luque assured that extended “as much as he could” the hospitalization at the Olivos clinic and after discharge, the family, the psychiatric, the psychologist and the private medicine firm Swiss Medical managed to “persuade” Maradona to accept having the assistance of nurses at home to “control” the taking of medications and not to drink alcohol.

In this sense, he insisted that there was a “containment” team and that he, in particular, had the function of “being able to make Diego understand something” because “nothing could be done without Diego’s will.”

“He was punishing himself”

Luque stressed that in the death of the soccer star “There was no medical error” and he maintained that “Diego had a fortuitous event, a heart attack which, in a patient with its characteristics, is the most common in the world “.

The death, he clarified, “had nothing to do” with the operation to which he was subjected.

The doctor said that He saw ‘Fluff’ “sad, alone and he was punishing himself in a way that, like his friend, he was not going to allow it. ”

He wanted a life that was bad. I tried to accompany him (…). It was his life. I feel weird because we changed his life at last and he left, “he said.

Luque assured that “nothing” is reproached and that, on the contrary, he feels “proud” of everything he did for Diego and his family.

At the disposal of justice

Luque confirmed that the police records kept Maradona’s medical history and electronic devices, such as computers and mobile phones.

He assured that he will be at the disposal of justice porque “there is nothing to hide”.


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