May 12, 2021

Maradona attacks fans of Atlético San Luis

Maradona attacks fans of Atlético San Luis

Diego Armando Maradona has been involved in another controversy. The coach of Dorados attacked some fans of Atlético San Luis, who celebrated the victory of their team in the final of the Ascent MX.

Maradona left the box of the stadium after the dispute of the meeting, when he met with fans of Atletico San Luis, maddened by the victory of his team, they provoked the Argentine. He responded to the provocations with blows and insults.

His companions managed to stop Maradona before everything was bigger. The fans shouted insults to him as "junkie", to which the Argentine responded with «Cagon» or «I want you to tell me to face».

In the first leg of the final, Maradona was expelled, so he saw the return match from the box. Atlético San Luis would win 4-2 and get their first Ascent MX trophy.


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