Mara Patio about the exhumation: "He was a dictator who has killed many people" - La Provincia

The Save Me CollaboratorMaría Patiño has pronounced on the exhumation of the dictator Francisco Franco.The Telecinco journalist has reflected for more than two minutes on the process by which the body of the autocrat was taken from the Valley of the Fallen and the role that the family, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, played in it. Some came to struggle with the agents deployed at the funeral.

"The place given to the family has seemed embarrassing to me", said on the air while remembering that "today the grandfather was not leaving, today a dictator was leaving." The journalist has criticized "the concessions of the Government" acting Pedro Sánchez "with the family thatthey live on a heritage whose origin comes from a dictator. "

"I do not understand it and seeing the images everything has stirred," he explained when he saw "a solemnity and a sense of pride" of the Franco. For Patiño, "they have forgotten that there was neither grandfather nor father,I was a dictator who has killed many people. "

On the descendants of Franco, Sálvame's collaborator has not hesitated to criticize that "they have been in a place that does not belong to them" because "the protagonists were not the family, but the Spaniards who have lost their lives for many years." Patiño, who also presents Saturday Deluxe considers that"The flag carried by Francis Franco [the pre-constitutional one] was a sign of a arrogance ... and a pulse."


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