September 24, 2020

Mara Lujn returns to Rocasa – La Provincia

The former player of Rocasa Gran Canaria María Luján has rejoined the Teldense women’s handball team to be part of the medical services as a physiotherapist. The experience of having been a player gives her “a certain advantage in my work as a physiotherapist, compared to other colleagues who have never played handball,” Luján considers in a statement from CB Remudas.

The specialist spent most of her sports career in the Gran Canaria team, with the exception of her time at Mar de Alicante and at BM Zuazo, where she said goodbye to her career as a professional athlete to dedicate herself to physiotherapy. “It is an incorporation. very important for us because she is a very well-prepared professional, who knows better than anyone what she is and what it means for a player to suffer an injury “, highlights the coach of Rocasa Gran Canaria, Carlos Herrera.

Luján was the one who proposed to the president of the team, Antonio Moreno, “to lend a hand to the first team in recovering from injuries”, a possibility that the president “saw with good eyes” and that allowed both to reach an agreement for their incorporation into medical services. Regarding the injuries of Paula Valdivia and Sayna Mbengue, the new Rocasa Gran Canaria physiotherapist explains that the former is recovering “within the initially set deadlines”, while the latter has already reached “80 percent” of the itself.

Luján praises the level of the campus for this course. “They are adapting to the philosophy and the game of Rocasa”, especially Mizuki, who “is pleasantly surprising and showing that he is a physical marvel”.


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