June 13, 2021

Mara Jos Guerra: "We have to eradicate these kinds of attitudes and behaviors" – La Provincia

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Canary Government, María José Guerra, has appealed this Wednesday to promote a "cultural change" in order that "equality is a fact" and "eradicate" the gender violence.

In statements to journalists After attending a minute of silence in memory for the 54-year-old woman allegedly murdered this past weekend in La Laguna – a case still not officially confirmed by the Government Delegation– He commented that society faces a "major challenge" because, in the case of new generations, the education they receive in their family or in schools, "other messages" are added that They reach them through digitalization.

"You have to evaluate what is coming", he commented, highlighting that there must also be a "media and cultural production policy" that aims to promote equality and the fight against sexist violence.

Guerra has also defended the "commitment" of the regional Executive against gender violence and in a "transversal" way among all the councils and in consultation with the rest of public administrations, pointed out that it is necessary to "start from the base".

In his opinion, it is about "eradicating those kinds of attitudes and behaviors" that end up triggering "tragic cases" like that of La Laguna, and this happens by fixing the fight against gender violence as a "social and political priority".

In that sense, he has indicated that this "challenge" must be met by developing in its entirety the Pact against Gender Violence, as funding is available to carry out the measures.


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