February 24, 2021

maps and graphs of the evolution of cases in Spain and the world

Confirmed cases


2277 in Spain

They are still active


2040 in Spain



183 in Spain



54 in Spain

* The above figures are updated to March 11, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Consult live the evolution of the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in China, Spain and the rest of the world. With the data disseminated by John Hopkins University and the Ministry of Health, we show in charts and maps the confirmed cases that have been detected by the health authorities, the people who have recovered, the new cases every day or the number of infected in each community autonomous.

  1. How many infected people are there in each CCAA?
  2. How many cases are still active in each country?
  3. In which countries is the outbreak expanding?
  4. Evolution of the total number of infected, recoveries and deaths
  5. And how has it evolved in the most infected countries?
  6. Comparison of the outbreak in Spain with the rest of the countries
  7. Check the coronavirus data in each country
  8. Daily new cases in each community

1) Coronavirus in Spain, by CCAA

* Health data updated to March 12, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

In Spain there are already almost 3,000 confirmed cases and 50 people died with COVID-19, according to the latest update published by the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES).

The Community of Madrid is by far the most affected by the coronavirus crisis in our country. And in the rest of the communities?

2) Map of active cases in each country

The following map shows the size of people currently infected with the coronavirus worldwide. That is, only currently active cases are shown, and not people who have died or recovered from viral infection.

3) New daily cases in the main countries

The number of new daily cases indicates the tendency of the cornavirus outbreak to expand in each country. The graph shows, since January 22, the number of new infections detected every day in the countries with the highest number of infected people.

This is how the number of daily cases has grown in China and the rest of the countries

Daily confirmed new cases of coronavirus in countries with the highest number of people detected

4) Contagions, recoveries and total deaths

The expansion of the outbreak in Europe has once again increased the total number of active cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the world. This has evolved the total number of active cases, deaths, and recoveries from the infectious outbreak.

5) Evolution in the main countries

And how has the coronavirus evolved in each country? The following graph shows the evolution of active cases, recoveries and deceased persons in the top 10 countries with the most infections detected.

The evolution of the outbreak in the most affected countries

Total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the main affected countries, according to cases currently active, people who have recovered or who have died

Source: John Hopkins University

6) The outbreak in Spain, compared to the rest

The rhythm in each country, however, is different. How can they be compared? We have calculated how the daily evolution of cases has been since the day that more than 10 infected people were detected in the countries with the most infections. The vertical scale is logarithmic: the distance between 10 and 100 is the same as between 100 and 1,000.

7) All data, country by country

The ranking of countries with the highest number of people infected at some point continues to be led by China, although the number of people with active infection is much smaller. We show updated data on infections, recoveries and deaths in each country in the world.

8) The evolution of the outbreak in each community

The following interactive graph shows the number of new confirmed daily cases in each community, according to data sent by the Ministry of Health every afternoon at around 18:00.

Leakage of coronavirus cases by autonomous community

New confirmed daily cases of coronavirus in each autonomous community, according to reports from the Ministry of Health


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