September 20, 2020

maps and graphs of the evolution of cases in Spain and the world

Confirmed cases

+24,2 mill.

466,929 in Spain

New in the day


7,296 in Spain


+15,7 mill.

150,376 in Spain



28,971 in Spain

* The above figures are updated to August 27, 2020 at 00:00

Consult live the evolution of COVID-19 in China, Spain and the rest of the countries of the world. With the data released by Johns Hopkins University and the Ministry of Health, we show in graphs and maps the confirmed cases that the health authorities have detected, the new cases every day, the people who have recovered and those who have died.

1) Map of the expansion of the coronavirus

The following map shows the main variables to see the situation of the epidemic around the world: if the cases are increasing or decreasing, the incidence of cases per inhabitant in the last two weeks, the total number of cases and deaths with COVID-19 in each country and the incidence of the virus compared to its population.

Keep in mind that only the cases that have been detected by the health authorities of each country since the beginning of the epidemic are shown. In other words, the figures are closely related to the ability to test the population of each Government.

In the case of Spain, the 47,080 cases confirmed by antibody tests up to May 27 have been included in the cases confirmed by PCR. Health does not update the data on people recovered since May 18.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

2) When did the cases increase in each country?

The number of new daily cases indicates the expansion trend of the coronavirus epidemic in each country. To show how this variable has changed, the graph shows when the number of new weekly cases rose, fell or stayed the same in countries with the highest number of infected people.

This is how the case curve has risen and fell in the most affected countries

Rise or drop in new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the week compared to the previous week in countries with the highest number of people detected

3) Contagions and deaths around the world

The spread of the outbreak in Africa and the Americas has once again increased the total number of new cases of COVID-19 in the world. This is how the total number of new cases and new deaths has evolved in all the countries of the world.

New daily cases and deaths each day with coronavirus

Evolution of the daily number of confirmed infections and deaths in each day around the world

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Source: Johns Hopkins

4) The virus spreads in America

And how has the coronavirus evolved in each region of the world? The following graph shows the evolution of the new cases detected in the main regions of the world. The average of the last 7 days is shown to better visualize the spread trend of the virus on each continent.

5) The case curve for each country

The pace of pandemic expansion is different in each country. How has the curve evolved in the most affected countries? To verify this, we have calculated the evolution of the number of new daily cases confirmed by the health authorities of each country, and we have taken the average for the last week.

The curve of cases and deaths in the countries most affected by the virus

Evolution of the number of daily new cases confirmed new deaths with COVID-19 in every day. The average of the last 7 days is displayed

Source: Johns Hopkins

6) The epidemic in Spain, in context

In addition to the number of infected, it is also interesting to compare how COVID-19 cases and deaths have evolved in each country. How is Spain compared to the rest as of the day more than 100 cases and 10 deaths were detected?

The vertical scale is logarithmic: the distance between 100 and 1,000 is the same as between 1,000 and 10,000.

The evolution of the epidemic in Spain compared to the main countries

Evolution of the number of cases and deaths with COVID-19 since the day in which more than 100 cases or 10 deaths were counted in each country. Axis on logarithmic scale

7) Those most vulnerable to COVID-19

The COVID-19 disease mainly affects older people. The data for Spain, Italy, the United States, South Korea, China and other European and American countries repeat the same trend. The mortality rate skyrockets among those over 70 years old.

In the case of Italy and South Korea and the rest of the countries, they refer to the most updated government reports and in the case of China, to a report that analyzed more than 40,000 diagnosed cases of the virus in the country. Those for Spain refer to a disaggregated sample from the Ministry of Health.

Older people, the most vulnerable to the virus

Mortality rate (deaths over cases), percentage of total deaths and percentages of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each age group in Spain, Italy, China, United States, South Korea, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala , Japan, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland

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Source: Data published by each Government

8) All data, country by country

The ranking of countries with the highest number of people infected at some point is now led by the United States and the number of active cases is increasing day by day. We show updated data on infections, recoveries and deaths in each country in the world.

9) The coronavirus in Spain, by CCAA

The new notification system published by the Ministry of Health since May 25 invalidates the previous data series.

What are the autonomous communities in which a greater number of cases have been detected? The Community of Madrid, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León are the autonomous regions with the highest number of infected people confirmed through a PCR test (or by antibodies since May 11).

10) Cases per inhabitant in the CCAA

In order to know the degree of penetration of the virus compared to the number of inhabitants, we have calculated the rate of confirmed cases and the number of deaths in each autonomous region per 100,000 inhabitants. Confirmed cases refer to those identified by PCR or antibody tests — in the latter case, only those carried out after May 11 with compatible symptoms are counted.


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