Mapfre and Adepsi train people with disabilities to telework

Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme and the Adepsi Association have collaborated closely for several years within the framework of the Juntos Somos Capaces program, which aims to promote the labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness by promoting relationships between companies and social entities , from an innovative approach that allows the labor inclusion of this group.

A program that, since its launch in the Canary Islands in February 2018, has achieved that more than 160 people with intellectual disabilities and / or mental illness have had access to training grants and the opportunity to carry out internships in companies in order to choose to enter the labor market.

The coronavirus crisis has given rise to a new model of labor and professional relations and the consolidation of teleworking that, previously, in most companies was considered almost exclusively as a formula for flexibility to facilitate family and work reconciliation. Faced with this new scenario, it is necessary to continue articulating new resources and tools that contribute to the full inclusion of the most sensitive groups in our society, among other resources, to the remote work model, preventing it from becoming a new obstacle to opportunities. of labor inclusion.

Two workshops

Thus, Juntos Somos Capaces will offer two Telework Training Workshops during the year, one in May and another in September, which will facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge and tools necessary for effective performance for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. and successfully remote work. The training will be carried out entirely online and the participants will acquire knowledge about telework organization, how to work in telework teams, ergonomics and health in remote work.


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