Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Map of the 'proptech' in Spain: 238 companies to renew the real estate sector | Trends

Map of the 'proptech' in Spain: 238 companies to renew the real estate sector | Trends

Anyone looking for a home will use Fotocasa or a similar portal, if you rent a tourist apartment you may use Airbnb, in case you sell the home you may use the Housell platform, if you want to invest in crowfunding real estate can do it through Housers. Through the mobile, the owner of the shopping center controls the route that the client makes, sees in real time the energetic use of the property or the real estate agents can teach investors the future spaces through virtual reality. There are some examples of the booming sector known as proptech, that continues to grow strongly.

Currently there are 238 companies proptech orperando in Spain, according to the map of that sector made by the website Proptech.es, an initiative of the real estate consultant Savills Aguirre Newman. In the last year, another 20 of these firms have joined.

The calls proptech they are companies that introduce technologies to the real estate sector. It is not something new, because in the first decade of this century some housing portals appeared, but technological changes such as big data, the collaborative economy or the internet of things is creating a network of companies that support real estate and help consumers.

"Since 2017 the participation of investment funds, developers, patrimonialists, socimis and consultants in the ecosystem proptech it has been reflected in greater professionalization of the sector. It is no longer about innovating to be different, you have to innovate to survive. They began to forge mergers, acquisitions and collaborations, generating more knowledge and giving greater visibility to the technological change that the sector is ready to lead, "said a report on proptech of Savills that will be made public soon. In the last year, these companies have raised 150 million euros in financing, compared to 60 million in 2017. These technology firms already employ 5,500 people.

The Proptech.es map distinguishes several categories of companies. The most numerous, the marketplaces, with 52 companies. In that section appear well-known names such as Idealista, Fotocasa or Pisos.com. "Idealista and Fotocasa were already a disruption of the market and now we all use them, but there are still advances and new actors such as Spot-a-home", explains Hamzah Shamma, head of analysis proptech by Savills Aguirre Newman. Spot-a-home received 40 million last year in a round of financing, with resources from investors in Silicon Valley.

The consultant notes that this fabric is beginning to reach maturity, with strong competition that causes the disappearance of some companies and the merger or acquisition of others. Shamma believes that there is no bubble in the sector: "There is still a lot to be developed in technologies, we live in the beginning of the disruption".

After the category of marketplaces, the most frequent companies are the management platforms (37) and those of peer to peer or collaborative economy (36), which, according to the report, have been focused on the residential sector until now but will gradually enter offices and retail, at the same time that they increase the spaces of coworking, flexible offices and stores pop up. It is followed by the section of visual signatures (34), for example for visualizations of 3D spaces.

Another type of company that has proliferated with strength are those that are dedicated to channeling investments (33) through the purchase of real estate by crowfunding or entering to compete with the bank in the management of mortgages. Finally, in the internet of things, 24 companies operate, which according to this report, do so in a very competitive sector due to the presence of technological multinationals, and the last category is that of big data (22)


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