"Many unvaccinated people reach us and in the end they regret it"

Health professionals are fighting tirelessly against the sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 which causes the saturation and the enormous pressure that almost two years later in the different hospital centers of the islands. "Many unvaccinated people come to us and in the end they regret it, and they have to be intubated, they cry and they get very scared, because they are afraid of dying alone," says the ICU doctor at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands, Samantha Huidobro.

The sanitary has a feeling “Very bad, that two years have passed and we are the same, and if I have to define it with one word, it is disheartening” and, as he explained in the microphones of La Mañana de Cope Tenerife, "There are people who deny the pandemic, who tell you whether they believe or not, as if this were a religion, and this is very hard".

Regarding the demonstrations of the deniers, she assured that she felt affected, since "When I saw those images, I couldn't watch the entire video, I couldn't, it was a feeling of rage, sorrow, helplessness, of not knowing what was happening".

The intensive care doctor insists that “This is a disease, it is not a matter of believing or not, and it is a real disease, which leaves sequels, and people die”. And he outlined a wish: “I would like you to spend a week seeing what we see, surely they would change their minds”.

Regarding the patients who arrive at the ICU, he says that “On the one hand, there are the people who did not get vaccinated out of fear, and then the one who says they do not believe in covid” and recalls a particularly painful case in which a young boy, who "His partner had been vaccinated, and he arrived very scared, asking us to please help him because he had two little daughters".

"In the end, everyone regrets it, because when they arrive with us they realize what it is, and that it is not what they thought"Add. “The problem is that many are not aware of how serious they are, and when you have to explain that they have to be intubated, they get scared, cry, and others protest because they do not have that serious feeling. The reality is that everyone ends up being very afraid of dying, and above all of dying alone in an ICU”sentence.

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