Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Manuela Carmena sends empanadillas to 'El Intermedio' for its 2,000 programs

Manuela Carmena envía empanadillas a ‘El Intermedio’ por sus 2.000 programas

The intermediate
has celebrated this Thursday its Program number 2,000 And he has made it big. From the Florida Retiro theater and with a big party behind him, the Great Wyoming, Sandra Sabatés, Dani Mateo and all the team of the program lived a very special night where they did not lack neither performances ... nor the dumplings of Manuela Carmena

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It was a special night and nobody wanted to miss it. Or maybe yes. One by one Wyoming received a phone call from different personalities who pointed out that they could not go that night to the program. Antonio Banderas, Joaquín Sabina, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and even Manuela Carmena, who with a tupper of empanadillas in hand made him such a delight by messenger.

Even so the presenter of La Sexta wanted to thank everyone, those who saw The Intermediate and those who did not, for these 2,000 programs. "We want to thank, above all, the main architects of the existence of El Intermedio: the corrupt. We have not invited everyone because this would look like the wedding of Aznar's daughter, "commented the presenter.

After this Sandra Sabatés took command to launch an emotional speech. The problem, however, is that his heel played a dirty trick and in the purest style Lola Flores had to put it back on stage. Because if, on the same stage that Lola Flores lost her earring Sandra Sabatés did the same with her shoe. That is, as she stated, a triumphal entry.

Once solved was the one in charge to make a balance from that March 30, 2006 when the Intermediate premiered. "I did not see it or I"Said the presenter, remembering that the first day she reaped a 0.5% share. 2,000 programs later things have changed. "We have interviewed judges and we have gone to trials. In fact, when Dani Mateo passes in front of a courthouse the wifi connects alone, "he joked.

This was precisely the last one to take the stage. And is that his controversy with the Spanish flag is still burning in some memories. That's why I recognized that "this year they are remembering more about my mother". Even "the doctor has advised me to leave Twitter. I have a gift for controversy, I do not want to, but she comes to me, It persecutes me. " In fact, the fear has been transferred to the team of El Intermedio, who "have not let me do the sketch with Antonio Banderas in case he drives me crazy and sounded in him". But he did not. It was a holiday, because 2,000 programs are not met every day.

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