Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Manuela Carmena, from Mayor of Madrid to "volunteer" of More Country

The former mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has actively joined the Íñigo Errejón campaign for general elections and has joined the team of volunteers who call those registered by telephone to ask for collaboration. "I am Manuela Carmena, do you remember?" She appears before an interlocutor.

"If you have to come here and you have to support, then I am supporting," says Carmena in a video released on Monday by Más País in which he appears at the headquarters of Más País talking on the phone with militants, along with the presidential candidate of the government.

Manuela Carmena already announced that she would be at the end of the campaign by Íñigo Errejón, who takes Marta Higueras as number two on her list, a personal friend of the ex-mayor who was her right hand in the Madrid City Council.

The exjueza explains in the video that he is supporting More Country and that he considers it important that there be elections "without lies", and also recognizes that the electoral program of the training has not been read.

"I am very sure that, if we do not really intend to improve our democracy, this can get out of hand," explains the mayor while talking on the phone with a registered woman who says that "civil society has many more values ​​than the political class. "

"I am very sorry to have this brandy voice," Carmena also laments in the video.

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