Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Manuel Valls says that some neighbors "have a hard time" when they speak Spanish

Manuel Valls asegura que algunos vecinos “lo pasan mal” cuando hablan castellano

The mayoral candidate for Barcelona, Manuel Valls, has assured that there are neighbors who "have a hard time" when they speak Spanish. In an interview in 'La Sexta', the candidate who has the support of Cs defends that with the question of language "many people feel that they live with a problem, especially in school". "A person in a Nou Barris market told me that he had the impression that sometimes speaking Spanish was not forbidden, but he had a bad time," he added. On the other hand, he considered that in Barcelona there is a climate of "tension and violence" and he assured that there are politicians who have an escort because "there is pressure from the independence movement".

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"If you ask me if I have today, as a politician with my experience fear about what is happening in the world, about the future of liberal democracy, of course it is," he said. "There is a climate in Barcelona of tension, of violence. There are politicians who go with an escort, I do not go with an escort, I have been escorted for years because I was threatened by the independence movement, I do not go with an escort. But there are politicians who go with an escort because there is pressure from the separatism, from separatism, "he declared.

"The economic crisis, the management of Ada Colau and separatism have deeply hurt Barcelona, ​​"he concluded.

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