Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

Manuel Valls defends that there is no democracy "without elites"

Manuel Valls defends that there is no democracy "without elites"

The candidate for mayor of Barcelona supported by Citizens, Manuel Valls, has defended on Monday that "without elites" there would be no democracy or Barcelona, ​​before "criticism" in this regard of the mayor of the city, Ada Colau.

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Valls made this statement at the "Ask the candidate" event, organized by the Societat Civil Catalana (SCC) at the civic center of Fort Pienc in Barcelona.

The mayor has considered that, "in these last days", have appeared two "major problems": the "cynicism of Pablo Iglesias attacking economic power and the media," and "the national populism project to destroy the center-right "

In front of "the critics of Colau to the elites", Valls has defended that "without elites there is no democracy, without elites there is no Barcelona, ​​there is no Liceu, there is no Barça and there are no Olympic Games".

For the candidate, the elections to the Barcelona City Council "are more important than the general elections in April" and warned that "if Colau wins, Barcelona will not bear the economic consequences", because "four more years of populism would be a disaster".

When asked about the refusal of Cs to agree with the PSOE, the former French prime minister has reiterated that to "face the great challenges of Spain", the "constitutionalist parties will have to agree", and has expressed that "you can not leave the future in the hands of the separatists and the populists of the extreme right or extreme left ".

Valls has argued that the upcoming municipal elections present two debates in Barcelona; one that implies the "values ​​and public policies", that considers that they have been lost, and another one in which it will be decided "whether or not Catalan, Spanish and European Barcelona is wanted" before the "danger" that Ada Colau supposes and the candidate of ERC to the City Council of the city, Ernest Maragall.


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