Manuel Ojeda M PALCANARIAS – The Province

Manuel Ojeda M PALCANARIAS - The Province

When you decide to buy a product with the Made in the Canary Islands distinctive you are investing in our people and in our land. You invest in our people because you help sustain industrial employment and you contribute to create indirect employment in the rest of the economic sectors. You invest in our land because our industry is more competitive and generates more economic activity in the Canary Islands. When you buy Elaborated Here, come back to you.

I've been in Palcanarias for thirty years, since the company was founded. We have spent good times and bad times. The last crisis hurt us a lot but thanks to our human team and our quality products we always move forward.

I have done everything in this company. I know every corner and every need of our clients, I even know how they like coffee, because whenever they come here I offer them one.

We recently did an external private audit on the quality of our service and the effectiveness index was the best, and that excellent result is due both to the staff and to the value of the brand.

When we started we did it with the most modern factory in the Canary Islands, everything was new and with the latest technology. We have always had a wide variety of products and it is important to say that all are made in our factory: plastic paints, waterproofing, coatings, varnishes, epoxies and polyurethanes, coatings, paints for cisterns? we have everything!

I always tell clients that they are absolutely right when they tell me they can buy cheaper paintings elsewhere, but that cheap painting will last them four months and Palcanarias' five years.

We have to defend the Canary Islands, our industries, our products, our work. We also have low quality paintings, but then my client will come to tell me "Manolo, you cheated me".

What I want to say is that if you come and demand quality, I give you quality, if you want more economical, I can also offer you a more economical painting, and if you want to buy only by price, I also give it to you, but buy the Canary !

I invite our clients to spend in the Canary Islands, in products made here, because if they do, tomorrow we will have to hire another distributor, and the day after tomorrow we will hire another seller or another person in production.

We should all act like this, defend and promote our industries and our sources of work.


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