November 30, 2020

Manuel Castells, Minister of Universities, talk from house to house with Ignacio Escolar

Teaching is going through its most difficult year due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. To the debate between whether to force presence or to bet on online classes, they add to the challenges that the Spanish university system had to address before the pandemic. Its highest representative, the Minister of Universities Manuel Castells, will talk this Wednesday with the director of and will analyze the measures taken.

Manuel Castells, a sociologist with a global reputation, a benchmark for 15M and 'contrary' to the Ministry of Universities

Manuel Castells, a sociologist with a global reputation, a benchmark for 15M and ‘contrary’ to the Ministry of Universities

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Castells (Hellín, 1942), he changed academia for politics when he was offered to be a minister at the proposal of En Comú Podem. He is a professor at the Open University of Catalonia and the Institute for Global Studies in Paris, a professor at the European Academy, the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences and the Royal Spanish Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences. Author of a score of books, events led him to update during this unusual summer Rupture, the crisis of liberal democracy (Alliance), an essay in which he delves into the legitimacy crisis that governments around the world are going through and whose third edition is going on sale these days with a new epilogue in which he warns of the consequences of this in the global politics of a world post-pandemic.

The sociologist and economist, who described as a “legend” his disappearance from the public board in the face of some criticism, will analyze with Ignacio Escolar what is the current state of the coalition government, how he sees the budget items that they want to dedicate to Education or how he values ​​the general situation of the university community. The one who was one of the leading theorists of the 15M, will reel off what it is like to be part of a government to which he said yes with the hope of change, without knowing of the shock that was going to turn the world upside down.

Castells will also respond to the questions posed by the partners of through the comments on this news or the form at the end of it.

The meeting can be followed live on, through Facebook Live and in Twitter, with Periscope. We will wait for you!


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