April 10, 2021

Manuel Carrasco: "Songs are brands in life" | Culture

Manuel Carrasco: "Songs are brands in life" | Culture

Lolito, as they called Manuel Carrasco (Huelva, 1981) as a child, was a child with many fears. The artist himself told the journalist Arancha Moreno and the subscribers of EL PAÍS that attended, this Wednesday, an exclusive meeting at the Luchana Theaters, within the EL PAÍS + program. Carrasco, who I had just released the disk The cross of the mapHe narrated how he clung to music to overcome his insecurities and thus build a career "with his own voice". That path can be traversed through key themes of his discography because, as he acknowledged, "songs are brands in life".

The crosses on the map of the race of Carrasco they have put themes like That nobody, which deals with the abuse and that strengthened it in the industry. Moreno stressed that this type of lyrics, in which gives encouragement to those who suffer adverse situations, are a constant in the Huelva songbook. "They are songs that help and cure and that's magic," he said, noting that he did not know where that power came from. "But it happens and it continues surprising me".

Carrasco started the meeting by singing They told me how small, where he tells how he grew up in an unfavorable environment where he was told "where are you going that you can not?". That signaling made him doubt at certain moments of his possibilities within the world of music, but he got over it by clinging to his dream. Somehow, he described, he knew what his fate was even though he never believed he could do it. "That illusion, that desire and passion, that way, I can not find it anywhere", justified as motivation to face underestimations, doubts or shame. This theme, presentation of his latest album, has served to reconcile with the fearful child he was. "It reminds me of where I've come from and where I've come from and that's important to know," he said.

Lolito, who grew up in "a house with a lot of noise" had his first guitar at age 12. "He blew my mind," he said, remembering that he asked his brothers to leave him alone in the room they shared so he could play. The first professional steps he gave in the comparsas of Huelva. From there, with the shyness he recognized having, he made the leap to the super-exposure of Triumph operation, but already with the clear idea that only being the author of their own themes could make a difference.

Manuel Carrasco sings in a meeting with EL PAÍS subscribers.
Manuel Carrasco sings in a meeting with EL PAÍS subscribers.

Then, in 2002, the prejudices against this type of programs, as well as market pressure could be "a drag" for a long career. This situation, in your opinion, is not happening so sharply now. On the other hand, what could have been the end of his aspirations, ended up strengthening him. "And look how good we are now," settled.

Carrasco starts next May 4 his new tour in Valladolid and will pass through venues such as the Wanda Metropolitano, in Madrid, or the Benito Villamarín Stadium, in Seville. After seven discs he confesses that he keeps hesitating when he composes and that he goes to his surroundings to certify that he has not lost the north. "I have doubted a lot and that has made me grow", he repeated several times. This album has been the one that has suffered the most, but also enjoyed, due to the extra pressure imposed after the success of the previous one. But after many sleepless nights and last minute notes, the songs have been ordered and has achieved the double platinum record in just one month.

The artist closed the meeting by thanking the support of the public, with whom he said he felt indebted, and interpreting Let me be.


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