August 4, 2020

Manuel Carrasco grazes the full one for his concerts in the Islands – La Provincia

With just seven days left before Manuel Carrasco arrives in the Canary Islands with the most successful tour of the year in Spain of any national and international artist, it is already glimpsed that tickets will be sold out, both in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, for the next 18 and October 19. In the Santiago Martín de La Laguna pavilion, there are no availability of track locations and those of the first ring, as well as practically those of the second ring of the pavilion. At Gran Canaria Arena Something similar happens, although the capacity is greater.

And it is that the Tour The Cross of the Map He is breaking records in all the cities he goes through since the stage, lighting and sound montage has never been seen before on a tour of the Andalusian artist. The technical and media deployment marks the development of the concert by wrapping the viewer in endless effects and visuals that unfold in each song. Everything has its reason and its place in a timely manner. All the spectators who have attended coincide in the quality jump of Manuel Carrasco in this tour and in the musical and visual display that he performs.


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