April 15, 2021

Manuel Briñas will be investigated for child abuse

Manuel Briñas will be investigated for child abuse

Former reponsable of the Atlético de Madrid youth academy and Marianist friar, Ángel Manuel Briñas, will be investigated by his own organization (the "Marianists) for having executed alleged abuse of a minor. He himself would have confessed it: to do so, was when he was responsible for sports and scouts of the Marianist Brothers Hermanos Amorós de Carabanchel.

The Marianists did not hesitate to show their rejection of such practices through a statement: "We express our stupor and consternation at these events that we had not heard until now. We strongly condemn any type of abuse to people, and especially sexual abuse of minors. Our educational vocation is directly opposed to these abuses, contrary to our principles and, therefore, inadmissible in any circumstance. " In addition, they asked for "forgiveness" to the victim who suffered the abuse and reach out to "listen, ask for forgiveness and offer help" to the family.


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