April 14, 2021

Manuel Bortuzzo, promise of swimming, paralyzed after being shot

Manuel Bortuzzo, promise of swimming, paralyzed after being shot

Manuel Bortuzzo, 19 years old and one of the promises of Italian swimming, has lost the mobility of his legs after being shot in Rome on Saturday night, which caused a spinal cord injury, report the local media.

"Unfortunately, this means that for the moment we believe that there can be no functional recovery of the movement of the legs," Alberto Delitala, director of the Department of Neurology at the Roman hospital San Camillo, told the media today.

For that reason, he stressed, "the possibility of regaining mobility of the legs with current medical knowledge is not possible"

Manuel Bortuzzo (Trieste, 1999) had arrived in the capital to train and be able to access the national team in the future, being already considered a "promise" of the half fund by the Italian Swimming Federation.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday he was with some friends, his girlfriend and other athletes at the doors of a bar they could not access because inside, previously, there was a violent fight.

On his way home, the young man was shot from a moped and the bullet hit him in the thorax.

The authorities investigate this event but suspect that the aggressors, supposedly linked to the local mafia, could confuse the young swimmer with another person, presumably linked to the previous brawl in the premises.

For the moment, the authorities have identified one of the participants in the fight and questioned him, although he has denied his participation in the brawl and his involvement in the athlete's case, local media reported.


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