Mañueco views with concern criteria for the distribution of the fund that have nothing to do with COVID expenses

"We need a clear horizon to plan the economic recovery," claimed the President of the Board, who assured that, today, the autonomous communities do not know the criteria for the distribution of this 16,000 million euro fund from the Government, which, according to He recalled, it must be geared towards paying the COVID bill and to bear the impact on public spending in the autonomous communities.

This was the point when he expressed his "concern" about agreements for the distribution of those funds based on criteria that would have "nothing to do" with paying the coronavirus bill.

In the same way, the President of the Board has asked for information on the budgetary scenario handled by the Government of the nation to be able to know the deficit and debt approaches to which Castilla y León needs to go to protect workers and companies and for the promotion of the economy and employment, without forgetting the "necessary" protection of the most vulnerable.

Fernández Mañueco has also echoed "disconcerting headlines" after agreements between the Government and political forces that would grant privileges to some autonomous communities over others, something "unfair" with Castilla y León since it would increase the differences and imbalances between territories.

"The criteria on deficit and on debt must be the same for all communities and must be discussed by all of them with the Government of Spain," he stressed.

Fernández Mañueco has demanded "certainties and planning" so that the autonomous communities can work and has warned of the "uncertainty" generated by debates such as the one generated around the repeal of the Labor Reform with a party --Bildu-- that "does not he is a good traveling companion, not at all "- and at a time when companies need stability of the legal framework.

"It generates damage to certainty and confidence," the president lamented, who predicted that, if this measure were carried out, many ERTEs would lead to layoffs of workers.

"Even the debate is unnecessary (...) the debate itself is a mistake," said the President of the Board regarding the lack of rigor and seriousness at this point that has been questioned by the Vice President for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, and has advocated in this regard for dialogue and for "charting a path of certainties."


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