November 30, 2020

Mañueco believes that CyL cannot be lost in “impossible chimeras” that manipulate feelings and deviate from the important

In an interview with the Europa Press agency to review the year about to end, the president of the Board referred to the motion passed Friday at the City Council of León in favor of the autonomy of the Leonese Region – an initiative of UPL that was backed by the mayor of PSOE and Podemos and rejected by those of the PP and Citizens – to insist that Spain can not afford the “territorial adventures” that has blamed the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez and the “genetic mutation” of “sanchismo” in this Community.

“The well-being of the people of Castilla y León in no case involves dividing, facing or raising borders,” explained Fernández Mañueco who has called for the obligation and responsibility to work to improve the lives of all Castilian-Leonese.

“Our Government guarantees the unity and integration of people in Castilla y León against politicians trying to drag society into struggles in which we all lose out,” added the head of the Castilla y León Executive for whom, facts like the motion to ask for the independence of León, they make it “more necessary than ever” to claim “useful autonomy” for the people.

Fernández Mañueco has advocated applying that useful autonomy to loyalty with Spain in a situation in which, as he has lamented, the PSOE is willing to “question everything” and is able to agree with those who do not believe in this country, to what has added that some leaders “allow” to doubt the current regional model.

“The project of Castilla y León as a Community has been and is being beneficial for all people”, the president of the Board has finally claimed that he has referred specifically to the Castilian-Leonese education system, “which is among the best in the world” ; to social services, which, as he recalled, are “at the head of Spain”, and to “quality” health.


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