Mañueco appeals to freedom of expression and asks to respect distance in protests

The President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has defended freedom of expression this Sunday when asked about the concentrations of protest against the Government that are taking place in some cities such as Salamanca, but has warned that they have to be developed respecting the physical distance.

At a telematic press conference and when asked about his opinion about this type of concentration and that in Salamanca he has gathered 600 people this Saturday - according to data from the National Police - the president has appealed to respect for freedom of expression as one of the basic pillars of the Spanish Constitution.

"Freedom of expression, yes, social distance, too. I think they are two fundamental elements," said the president.

On the decision of the Government Delegation to prohibit the demonstrations called by Vox for next Saturday in the nine provincial capitals and the criticism of its leader to the PP of Castilla y León for collaborating with the censorship of the "social-communist" government, Mañueco has recalled that it is a decision of the central Executive and "if someone wants to see those responsible in the Communities, they have been wrong."

"The decision is made by the Government of Spain and you can always go to court," he said.


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