Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Manu abandons his throne in 'MYHYV'

Manu abandona su trono en ‘MYHYV’

Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) It has a very clear norm: the participants of the dating show can not skip the instructions to the bullfighter. However, this is very common among Tronists and suitors. This time he will not be immune and a new confidante of Manu, the program's tronista, will force him to say goodbye.

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"I want to be honest", Will start the Italian despite those are the only words accurate during his throne. And he has cheated on his girls. He has done it and they will not respond at all well. Deceived and calling her tronista a "brat," the group of girls will be totally disappointed by what she has to say to them.

"The truth always comes out"

What will Manu have done this time? "The truth always comes out", he will recognize. And that will happen this Thursday at the dating show on the mornings of Cuatro. A new Tronista says goodbye and another is waiting to come into play. The names that are shuffled are many but there is one that could give a story spin.

After recovering Efren for the thrones of MYHYV the program seems to want to give an opportunity to one of the faces that is sitting in the band of suitors. Who is it about? For the moment it is turn for Manu to put an end to his stage in the program, tomorrow will be another story.

Manu and Andrea in MYHYV.

Manu and Andrea in MYHYV.

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