December 4, 2020

Manny Manuel is stable and cared for by the toilets

Manny Manuel.

Manny Manuel.
The province

The Puerto Rican singer Manny manuel is “stable” and “cared for by health professionals“The representation company and organizer of activities related to entertainment” Great Events “reported this Thursday, after being found in” bad condition “in a vehicle on Wednesday.

“We thank all his fans around the world for their expressions of affection and prayers. We extend that gratitude to all the national and international media that have been concerned about his health,” concludes the brief statement from the aforementioned company.

The interpreter’s status statements occur one day after the interpreter the Puerto Rican police assisted the Puerto Rican singer yesterday after finding him in “bad condition” inside a vehicle, on a street in the island’s capital, San Juan, at the same time it was reported that he broke with his representative.

Police officers they found him inside a jeep, with the engine off and the emergency lights on, on Camelia Soto Street in the capital.

When they found him in poor condition, they took him to the barracks in the Río Piedras sector, from where it was picked up by a person close to him.

For his part, his representative and the producer of his last song Goodbye Love, Luisin Martí, coinciding with the incident, announced yesterday in a statement that it ceased to be so and that he broke with the artist to record with your company Oye Mi Música records.

In August, in the middle of his second phase of the alcohol detoxification process, he released that single.

Produced by Martí, Manny Manuel had re-recorded Goodbye Love, popularized by Mexican singer Christian Nodal.

The launch of this new song by Manny Manuel occurred while he was still admitted to a medical institution, after completing the first phase of his treatment and alcohol detoxification process.

As explained by the artist, on August 12 in a message broadcast by his representatives and published on YouTube, He had recently completed the first of two phases of his rehabilitation process at the San Juan Capestrano Hospital, for which he had already entered another institution.

For the second phase, which began in August, the artist was going to spend between four and five months without a mobile phone and without access to his followers.

Manny Manuel’s problems started on February 24 of last year in Spain, when he performed during the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria carnival and he was expelled from the stage due to the physical condition he presented.

After the event in Spain, the artist spent some time there reflecting and analyzing some changes in his life


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