Manifestation in Madrid: 2,000 people against the precarious housing, pensions and employment | Society

Manifestation in Madrid: 2,000 people against the precarious housing, pensions and employment | Society

Less than a month before the elections, about 2,000 people (according to data from the National Police and the organization) have gone out to the street in Madrid this Saturday to demand a better redistribution of wealth, to defend public services, to demand the closure of the nuclear power plants and demand "a decent life." Under the motto Walking for equality, rights and freedoms, about 200 groups have marched from the roundabout of San Bernardo to the Plaza de Callao to ask citizens that next April 28 "think well who will give their vote" and remember "that the situation of precariousness" that left the crisis is still latent in society.

"Citizens are tired of smoke, false headlines and lies. We ask that the rights that have been lost be recovered. We come from a 10-year scam crisis that has taken many families ahead. Banking has been rescued and not the people. The banks have preferred to sell the surplus of empty housing to the vulture funds and not to the public park. We want technical solutions, "said José Coy, spokesman for the Caminando platform, organizer of the event and which includes the two hundred groups that have marched through the capital.

Access to housing it has been the point of actuality in which most of the protesters have had an impact. "We do not tolerate no more eviction"Hundreds of people have chanted as they passed through the Ministry of Justice in San Bernardo Street. "Everything has to be done on the subject of housing. We shout that in Spain there is no public social housing park, "said activist Mercedes Revuelta, of the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages. Revuelta has insisted that there is no legislation, as in other European countries, that regulates tourist flats, limit the activity of the vulture funds and establish a price index.

Several environmental groups have also attended the demonstration. One of its slogans has been the closure of the Almaraz nuclear power plant (Cáceres). "The current minister who seems so nice accepted our closure calendar and then has agreed with the power plants to continue the plant for almost a decade, if we now have 9,000 tons of radioactive waste, within 10 years there will be 2,000 more," explains Paca Blanca, member of the Iberian Antinuclear Movement "Cerrad Almaraz and all the others", chanted dozens of people throughout the march.

The rain, interspersed with hail, has not prevented protesters from continuing to shout about Precarious work. "Long live the working class," a demonstrator was singing through a megaphone. His voice was lost with the sound of some isolated thunder. Pensions, cuts in health and precarious employment have been some of the slogans of several associations that have traveled to Madrid from other parts of Spain, such as Extremadura, Valencia and Catalonia. "The polls are ours. Leon for decent pensions, "he prayed in a banner.

Rosario Duarte says she has been working with dependents for 22 years. His contract depends on the City of Seville and the Junta de Andalucía and ensures that their working conditions and those of their colleagues are very bad. "I had a working biceps injury and they did not recognize me. We ask them to see each other, accept that we can suffer from illnesses due to work and that our retirement be at 65 and not at 67 as established by the regulations, "says Duarte.

Upon their arrival in Callao, with the sky clear, the demonstrators have read a manifesto where they have stressed their position against "the extreme right parties"And the" antisocial "policies that, since the crisis, have been approved in Spain. "We will continue going out to the street because we are playing the social conquest of the last decades", a spokeswoman has shouted.


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