'Manifest': There will never be a new 'Lost' | TV

Trailer of 'Manifest'.

There will never be a new Lost. As much as they repeat it all those who have tried since that island changed television. Flashforward, The Crossing, The Event, Invasion, Surface, Threshold, The Nine, Invisibles, Containment, Extant, Alcatraz, Terra Nova... None happened in the first year. This season they are joined Manifest, about the passengers of a missing plane who come back five years later without them having passed the time. It is soon to know if it will work after its premiere, but its pilot is enough to qualify it as another Lost for dummies. As much as Robert Zemeckis produces it.

The creator Damon Lindelof made it clear in the book The revolution was televised, by Alan Sepinwall: "Those who followed us had a lot of mythology and controlling it is difficult. Lost He annoyed his opportunities, not because we were incredible but because by the time they arrived, the spectator was cynical. They knew the experience and did not want to go out with a boy who would disappoint them. It is not possible to create another Lost. It was television alchemy. Everything was aligned. It was the right time. "It was 2004. The open channels were still strong, but they could already take advantage of the euphoria of the cable and the birth of the networks to develop the serialization and complicated mysteries never seen before.

But announce without more own values ​​than being the new Lost He is short-term. With nothing underneath, success lasts a trailer. In Manifest There is not. Strident dramatic music, relationships typical of a tear-jerking soap opera (child with cancer, broken couples ...) and superpowers, mixed in a trite cocktail and even boring. The NBC series that HBO Spain broadcasts is clear, at least, contrary to the previous ones, that the characters must put themselves on top of mythology (Lost always knew). They are, however, flat and misunderstood.

If we were fed up with the others LostNow we have to prepare ourselves for the new ones Game of Thrones. maybe The Lord of the rings from Amazon or The Witcher on Netflix. Another strategy destined to failure. Because the next big phenomenon will come out of a project that will have nothing to do with its predecessors. Successes are not cloned. There is only one genius in each bottle.


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