Manel Monteagudo admits that he was not in a coma for 35 years and apologizes

Manel Monteagudo He recognized this Friday that he was not 35 years in a coma, and has apologized for what happened. "I must have cut it before because this got out of hand, at no time my claim was such a thing. I assume all the guilt and accept what they tell me," he said before the microphones of TVE.

The story of Monteagudo, a natural writer from the council of Outes, Noia, in the province of A coruñaHe went around the world without him trying. And he did it because he wanted to tell it that way, through his book From mariño to poet, in which he reviews his life focusing on his '35 years in a coma ', and giving numerous interviews to the media, one of them VIGO LIGHTHOUSE, a medium belonging to this same group, Prensa Ibérica, which published an interesting talk with the writer on October 29 on the occasion of the presentation of this publication in Pontevedra.

But what seemed like an incredible story was shaping up like that: something implausible. Was the author really telling the truth or were there only accurate snippets in his entire speech? Written press, radios and televisions echoed this possibility, turning this Galician into a “trending topic”.

The alarm bells that his story was not true came from his own neighbors, as well as other acquaintances, assuring that they saw him leading a normal life in the years in which he claims to have been in a coma, between 1979 and 2014, when he affirms who woke up.

Official electrician

Manel Monteagudo, pseudonym of José Manuel Blanco Castro, embarked in height as an electrician and When he was 22 years old, he suffered an accident when he fell from a height of twenty feet on a freighter bound for Iraq.. This is what he told FARO at the end of last October.

From that moment he claimed not to remember anything, until he woke up 35 years later in his house, with his girlfriend at his side.

“I woke up in a room that I didn't know, here where I still live. He did not recognize anything, he was very surprised, he did not understand anything. Suddenly a woman with gray hair comes and threw herself on top of me crying. As soon as I saw her face, I recognized my girlfriend at the time ”, he told this newspaper.

She introduced him to their two daughters in common, and soon after, he became a grandfather.

It is the theme of the years of birth of the daughters is one of those that did not quite fit in dates with the story that Manel Monteagudo tells. There are other questions that also questioned her, such as a news item published by FARO in April 1992, in which a sailor from Noia named José Manuel Blanco Castro, a crew member of the Coruña fishing boat “Marcelo”, had to be evacuated after suffering respiratory failure when they were sailing through the waters of the Gran Sol. name and origin, the dates would not add up either.

The story of Manel Monteagudo was supported by the fact that he was admitted for years, as he claimed, in a hospital in Iraq, a fact that is difficult to prove from Spain. “I had to learn to walk, to read, to speak well, although not quite well, because in the Iraq hospital they damaged my vocal cords with a tube. This is not my old voice. I also had to learn to write, "he said in his interview.


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