July 25, 2021

Manchester United wins in Turin with less than little and punishes Valencia | sports

Manchester United wins in Turin with less than little and punishes Valencia | sports

Manchester United survives in the wire of its nonsense. Flat as it is, without football or spark, so far in the campaign has already saved the face several times in the end of the game. It does not even need epic, just a stroke of genius or fortune. You can already train, demonstrate and mercere, that the sport is indomitable and unpredictable. The United won in Turin a match impossible to beat with what he exhibited on the field. I would do badly for good, even if the miracle leaves him in a very good position to access the knockout stages of the Champions League to the detriment of Valencia, who before the television switched from hope to restlessness in an unexpected end with a comeback complicated to explain. Everything ended with Mourinho taking out his chest for the triumph, with his hand on his ear to listen to the silence of the Turinese fans, who moved into a fight. It's worth it to him, United should not.

Results and classifications

Group E

Bayern – AEK Athens 2-0

Benfica – Ajax 1-1

1. Bayern, 10 – 2. Ajax, 8 – 3. Benfica, 4 – 4. AEK, 2

Group F

Manchester City – Shakhtar 6-0

Lyon – Hoffenheim 2-2

1. Manchester City, 9 – 2. Lyon, 6 – 3. Hoffenheim, 3-4. Shakhtar, 2

Group G

CSKA – Roma 1-2

Viktoria Plzen – Real Madrid 0-5

1. Real Madrid, 9 – 2. Roma, 9 – 3. CSKA, 4-4. Viktoria Plzen, 1

Group H

Valencia – Young Boys 3-1

Juventus – Manchester United 1-2

1. Juventus, 9 – 2. Manchester United, 7 – 3. Valencia, 5 – 4. Young Boys, 1

Because it was a painful defeat like few for Juventus, who had to thump, that went ahead midway through the second half and had several times the pith on his hands. It should not complicate the pass to the knockout phase of the Champions League, but offers an early warning that would do well to understand. Juventus surpassed and showed the Manchester United football poverty, which is a disaster, a waste of resources in which too many issues seem wrong, from the design of the squad to the way it is managed. In his third season at the head of the team Mourinho looks amortized, unable to shine a combo that is immersed in irrelevancy, far from the head in the Premier, eliminated by a second in the League Cup and committed to the Champions League. The double confrontation with Juventus showed that the owners of Old Trafford are at a sidereal soccer distance of the Turin team. But the markers did not show that superiority, nor in the minimal victory of the Italians in English fiefdom, much less in the duel in the alpine skirts. Manchester United came out too well, far from the power that is supposed by history and wallet, out of pride. That team so many times indomitable is now a trifle.

Juventus always wanted to take a step forward. He obviously invited the poor deployment he faced. The United departed more advanced than it did in the duel that faced them both the previous day. He jumped to the field after knowing that he was third in the group after the victory of Valencia against Young Boys and went to high pressure, without excessive conviction or persistence. They beat him without much fanfare and the goal options soon arrived for the locals. De Gea had to draw a firm hand against a square shot that poisoned Matic towards his own goal. Almost immediately Cristiano Ronaldo made from the position of extreme right-hander a shot for the arrival of Khedira, who finished off the post. Shortly after incising the second part was Dybala who sharpened the crossbar with a monumental thread.

Goal of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United.
Goal of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. AP

The complaint of David de Gea after the attempt of the Argentine midfielder showed that Manchester United was withdrawn, but not tight, unable to close spaces, warm, overcome in disputes and without resources to arm contras. Pogba wandered through the countryside. Lingard did not touch the ball. Martial appeared at the start and followed the same fate and Alexis, who was nine in the absence of the injured Lukaku, wore without a ball. With a little less than half an hour to play, Cristiano scored a great goal that summarized many of his virtues, uncheck, greed, hunger and beat. He did not forget Cristiano Ronaldo, who at this point dominates the scan: he showed his marked abdominal tablet to the Italian fans and immediately turned to the English girl to ask for forgiveness. There everything seemed to end because they followed a few minutes of authentic thumping of Juventus, which should have thrashed.

Hardly United rose. Four minutes from the end forced a foul on the edge of the area. Mata had just jumped into the field, but took responsibility, tuned his left foot and placed the ball in the square to tie the game. Three minutes later another foul, this time on the side, caused a commotion in the area and between Bonucci, Pogba and Alex Sandro took the ball to the net before the stupor of Tyrians and Trojans. Then Mourinho arrived to put stamp and rubric.

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