Manchester United-Valencia: Guedes points to Mourinho | sports

Manchester United-Valencia: Guedes points to Mourinho | sports

Valencia wakes up from its lethargy and begins to remember who it is. The victory against Real Sociedad and the good game against Celta -before the draw- showed obvious symptoms that the team, little by little and with flashes, is recovering the memory. Marcelino's team has arrived in England to play against Manchester United (21.00, Movistar Champions League) improved on a slow start. "We have not yet reached our maximum level due to injuries, the World Cup and the late arrival of important players," said Marcelino in the press room at Old Trafford.

Valencia are playing at Old Trafford their future in the Champions League. Apparently with Juve above the rest, the Spanish and English teams will battle for the second place with the permission of the Young Boys Swiss, a priori the weaker rival, who already fell with United in the first day.

Among the players that dawns in this Valencia is one called to be decisive: Gonçalo Guedes. The Portuguese, ballasted by a preseason in precarious with PSG, where he did not scratch ball, and for his participation in the World Cup, has fought against the clock to get up to the group. Measured by Marcelino who wanted him ready for the Old Trafford clash, on Saturday he only played the last 30 minutes in Anoeta. He came from playing 76 against Celta on Wednesday. That day Guedes remembered the one from last year. At times it was again the footballer who knocked rivals in his career as if they were bowling. Mestalla again saw the predator play in the open space. He needs to choose better when making the last decision and fine-tuning the aim in the barrel on his right foot. In Old Trafford will point directly on Mourinho and his Manchester, faltering and in full crisis.

Marcelino does not trust

"We know that we are facing a great rival who, perhaps, is not at his best. We will win if we play a great game. If it is the best or the worst moment to win here you do not know. It is a club of the most important in the world, has a coach of the most successful in the world and a team that is in the best club competition in the world; we hope that they will perform at their maximum level but we are here to prevent it, "Marcelino explained about the moment of doubt that United is going through.

Mourinho: "I do not sit on the wire"

Manchester United have three games without a win – defeat to West Ham this weekend and the League Cup against Derby County; and a draw against Wolverhampton – and the English press reports echo a possible interest of the club by Zinedine Zidane. Faced with the directive because they did not let him make the signings he claimed in summer (after spending almost 500 million in three courses) and bad with the staff because he has publicly criticized several players (Shaw, Pogba -he took off the captain's armband- , Martial …), it seems that the time of coach José Mourinho ends at Old Trafford. "I do not sit on the wire," he replied in the press conference before the clash against Valencia.

"Of course we do not want this situation because what we always try is to win. This is a surprise for us, but we will try to change the situation and we work hard for that ", analyzed the coach, who will not be able to count on the injured Ander Herrera, Rojo, Young and Lingard.

"Physically he is in the three strongest teams in the world, with players of the highest level and a great aerial game. It is a great team that is prepared to fight for the maximum in Premier and Champions. He struggles to defend at the collective level but he is very powerful in the duel ", added the Asturian coach.

Attentive to the triumphant return of Guedes is Peter Lim. The owner of the Mestalla club will be in a private box to watch his big bet play. The owner, who took it as a personal issue to get the definitive transfer of Portuguese, is captivated by the talent of the player since he saw him play for the first time with the youth of Benfica on the recommendation of Jorge Mendes. The signing of Guedes would not have been possible without the direct intervention of the Asian billionaire. Lim, usually very reserved, posed, however, quite naturally for photographers when he arrived from Paris at the end of August with the gift of Guedes for the bat's liking.

The player said in the act of his presentation regarding the investment of 40 million that Valencia had made in his signing that was "an extra motivation. It's a responsibility and I know I have to work to justify the price. " Guedes added, jokingly what Lim had asked him: "He told me from the first moment that he wanted to sign me but then I had to work hard to help the team and justify the price they had paid for me". Today's game is the second that Valencia disputes this season with the presence of the owner, who saw the defeat by 2-0 against Espanyol. Precisely, after that disappointment, the Guedes operation in Corsica.

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