January 26, 2021

Manchester City bitter to Real Madrid 1-2

With De Bruyne in charge, Manchester City has made the night of Champions bitter at Real Madrid and now those of Zidane will have to appeal to the epic to overcome in Manchester a tie that went uphill when the Spanish team had better been put, with a goal ahead and finally dominating the situation. But the City did not lose face to the clash: De Bruyne turned to tie and Sterling was hunted by Carvajal in the area for a penalty that gave the English victory. Everything can still happen, but the score does not leave good news and shortens hope. It was an impotent end of Madrid, with Ramos ejected to avoid the third and unable to play the return. Madrid is capable of everything because that is how it has built its history. He will need it.

The whole of Zidane can hardly be reproached: he went through several phases during the meeting, always showed his face and had a few minutes to decide the clash; in the second half, after scoring and when Vinicius, before running out, felt capable of everything. It was the best face of the white team, which had a hard time taking over the situation.

The goal, in the second part, in a good pressure to force the rulings of the opponent put him face a game that was always difficult. The City was done with the situation, with patience and letting the chances come. In the first part the match started evenly, with those of Zidane pressing at times the exit of the ball and forcing the goalkeeper Ederson to take long to find someone. It was hard for him to produce Madrid due to rival pressure. It was Vinicius, how could it be otherwise, who left the whites the most, very blunt in attack. They hardly arrived three times, although a very clear one, in that head shot of Benzema.

Surprised Zidane, because there is no day that does not, specialized this season in changing the drawing and the names almost always, surprised say when leaving Kroos on the bench. It did not enter into any of the assumptions that the German stayed out of the eleven because he has not missed in any of the important parties in this historical era. It was rumored that Bale could have been a starter, perhaps the five midfielders, but not Kroos. Modric used to fall, but the Croatian endured until near the end he was replaced by Lucas Vázquez to see if Madrid found the goal of tie and life.

The City was done with the ball. At first with a domain far from the rival goal, something harmless, as if it were making time. When the ball arrived at De Bruyne, things got complicated for whites, while Gabriel Jesus made Carvajal very complicated. The two men above opened a lot so that the interiors would arrive and try to complicate the life of the centrals. City had more chances, but Real Madrid did not take the situation badly. If it were for points, the first part would have been for the English.

He changed the pace and the game later. Madrid was more complete and the goal gave him life. Modric’s anticipation and Viniciusd’s speed broke a rival defense that shook a lot. With Laporte injured, Otamendi and Fernandinho did not give firmness. There the Spanish team had the game: the Champions are moments and you have to take advantage of them: Real Madrid understood that he went for the game with decision, with the ball, as he had not gone before. His best minutes, with full Vinicius, Valverde with more lungs and Modric in command. He didn’t score and then he couldn’t stand it. The 1-0 was a good result, which forced the City a lot. You had to tie it up and give balls to Vinicius.

The Brazilian, however, could not do more and Madrid could not stand the advantage either. The Champions is now an act of faith for Real Madrid.


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