'Managing children' arrives in Cuys by LA PROVINCIA - La Provincia

The educational ideas event for mothers and fathers, Managing children, will celebrate its 16th edition in Las Palmas, next March 7 at the hands of THE PROVINCE. After doing a tour of six cities last year: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Oviedo (the last four in charge of the Iberian Press), this year expands the number of places and continues the tour of Spain touring seven other cities, the first, Las Palmas.

This is the largest education event for mothers, fathers and teachers in our country. More than 90 speakers have passed through it, including the neuropsychologist Álvaro Bilbao, the disseminator Catherine L'Ecuyer, the pedagogue Gregorio Luri, the journalist Carles Capdevila, the emotional intelligence expert Mar Romera and the neuropsychologist José Ramón Gamo. And they have enjoyed more than 130.00 people.

On this occasion, the 1,000 people who will attend the event to be held in Las Palmas can enjoy a total of seven presentations.

- Alberto Soler The well-known psychologist and blogger will talk about the importance of banishing labels in the education of our children, because "they are dangerous and leave little room for action for the person we label." So, under the title Are there really good and bad children? Alberto proposes to end the verb "to be." "A child is not bad, but sometimes behaves badly," he argues.

- Carmen Guaita It is often common to think that it is mothers and fathers who teach things to their children, forgetting everything they teach them each day. "Thanks to them we reinvent ourselves every day," says writer and teacher Carmen Guaita, who will intervene with a power that is titled What we learn from our children.

- Juan Llorca. The chef and child nutrition expert will reflect on the importance of respecting the internal and natural processes of children when eating with the conference Respect, basis of good food. "Something that gives them confidence, security and a good relationship with food."

- Moroccan Navy One in three teenagers suffers gender violence. Educating in equality is the first step to end this scourge. The social educator, Marina Marroquí, will offer guidelines, the same as those offered in the workshops she has been teaching in institutes for years. Your conference is called That's not love.

- Rafa Guerrero The psychologist Rafa Guerrero will land in the space of the capital of Gran Canaria to deliver the conference Neuroscience of emotions. "Every time our children experience an emotion, such as rabies, their cerebral tonsils are activated and they are released in the adrenaline and cortisol brain, which causes a need to discharge rabies and, at the same time, the inability to think If we understand how our children's brains work, we will better understand their behaviors. "

- José María Gasalla. The international speaker, José María Gasalla will give clues to establish a relationship of trust with our children with the speech Educate is a matter of trust. Because "if there is no trust we run the risk of falling into control."

It should be noted that this appointment will be presented by Leo Farache, director from Managing children In addition to adult tickets, there are children's locations. In this case, children between the ages of 3 and 12 can enjoy workshops that will be held in a playroom specially enabled for them.


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