Mamen Mendizábal gets vaccinated live on laSexta: "I do it for all the people who have not reached this point"

Mamen Mendizábal is another of the television companies that are already vaccinated against the coronavirus. The presenter, who this June leaves her position in front of 'Better later', was absent in the middle of the space to go to receive the vaccine. A team from the program surprised her by taking her to their center.

"I do not give credit to what you have done to me. I had my car keys ready, and I find a car from TV, a camera partner, another from sound ... and they put me in the car, "said the journalist, who left the program at the hands of Luis Sanabria.

"I will not say that I almost kidnapped, because they are good people, but whatyou are not going to leave me alone or the day I get vaccinated that we are going to have to tell it live? ", he joked on the way to the Atlético de Madrid stadium.

The host acknowledged being "a little nervous" before receiving the vaccine. However, he was clear about the reason for receiving it: "I get vaccinated for all those people who have not reached this moment. I vaccinate for all of them." "This doesn't hurt, it doesn't show, or anything. I'm already vaccinated," she said after receiving the Pfizer dose.


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