May 27, 2020

"Mam always solves everything; trust in me" – The Province

Finally, the eviction of Conchi Rodríguez and his 15-year-old daughter was suspended due to the lack of clarity in the transfer of ownership of the building. It is a judicial uprising, another story that occurs in the Alejandro building of Juan Rodríguez Santos street, in Ofra, and that becomes almost so everyday that the atmosphere yesterday on the street was different, something closer to a Silent eviction, without people in the street in solidarity with those affected, as has happened on other occasions. Only professionals from the National Police Corps and locksmiths and cleaning workers. Nobody else.

Conchi faced all of that, who had already warned her daughter in the morning of what was going to happen: "They are going to evict us."

And what can a mother say to a daughter in such a distressing situation? A question with a complicated answer, but solved in a very direct way: "Mom always solves everything. Trust me," Conchi told him to finally leave the institute quiet and prevent him from witnessing what many neighbors and supporters thought it was going to happen.

In between, sneaky tears, the occasional hug to minimize the magnitude of the problem. Hours later and with the suspended eviction order he breathed something else, although he remains aware that the problem did not end there because although it stopped, a new deadline is opened for the property to try to exercise his rights again … Yes Someone does not remedy it before.

That stoppage of the eviction occurred after an hour and twenty minutes in which the telephone of the councilor of the IMAS and Housing of the City of Santa Cruz, Marta Arocha, smoke in the attempt to find an alternative solution to the eviction with the technicians of the area.

It was a time of maximum tension while the officials of the Court were waiting for orders in one direction or another.

Finally at 11:25 hours, the representatives of the Court informed the National Police of the suspension and provided information on the order given. After the resolution of the paperwork, the correction of a "good morning" to those present ended with the device deployed to the doors of the building.

A transfer of credit of the property to an entity called by those present as a vulture fund allowed to stop the eviction, an issue that was confirmed shortly after by Arocha on departure, which indicated that it has been suspended because "ownership of the property is not clear building".

"This government cannot support irregular occupations, although in this case we have managed to have Conchi and her daughter in the house because the ownership of the building is not clear" and thanks to that "we managed to paralyze the eviction in the Court," he said recalling The City Council's efforts to develop a social housing plan over the next four years.

Inside the Conchi building she was calmer, she told her adventures of recent years, the problems of her situation and of the people who are in the same situation until the tears ended her words.


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